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Music for Brass Band                 by David Catherwood

Prelude - Here Is The Place

£14.50 ($19.00)
A sensitive yet ultimately uplifting setting of the classic Salvation Army chorus '

Here is the place for the lifting of burdens,
Here is the place of freedom from care;
Here is the place where the sinner finds pardon,
Here is the place where God answers prayer.'  (EH Joy)

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The full band parts are scored as SA Festival Series (Sop, Solo, 1st & 2nd Cornets Flugel, Solo 1st & 2nd Horns, 1st & 2nd Baritone, 1st, 2nd & Bass Trombone, Euphonium, Eb & Bb Basses and Percussion)

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Cornet Solo - Blessings!

£19.00 ($25.00)
A major cornet solo with full brass band accompaniment written for Gordon Ward and the New York Staff Band.

This solo has been featured on NYSB programmes and is recorded on their CD 'Pressing Onward'

At the centre of the work is a lyrical setting of the beautiful hymn tune ‘Come Thou fount of every blessing’ whist the outer sections have a distinctive ‘Latin feel’ featuring variations on the tune ‘Count Your blessings’

For a brief clip of part of the final variation played by the NYSB in a brass workshop follow this link.


To listen to the whole solo click here Listen to Cornet Solo Blessings!

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On This Day

£8.50 ($12.00)
Processional for Brass ensemble for 5 - 8 brass players (plus optional parts included for Percussion & Organ)
Written for the composers daughter's wedding this processional will work with any of the following combinations of brass

Standard brass quintet (Parts supplied Trumpets 1 & 2 in Bb, Horn in F, Trombone and Tuba)

Orchestral Brass section (Parts supplied Trumpets 1 & 2 in Bb, Horns 1 & 2 in F,  3 Trombones and Tuba) 
Brass Band instrumentation (Parts supplied Trumpets/Cornets 1 & 2 in Bb, Horns 1 & 2 in Eb,  Baritone Bb, Trombone Bb, Euphonium Bb and Eb & Bb Bass - all brass band parts in treble clef)

Watch here (if link does not load directly copy the link and paste in your browser)

The piece will work well with a minimum of 5 players in standard brass quintet format or can even be performed using the organ part with whatever brass are available! The instant download will contain all the parts listed above plus a full score and extra parts for percussion and organ which are optional but will add to the overall effect if used.

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March Prelude - On This Day 

£14.00 ($19.00)
This March Prelude received its first full public performance in New York on March 8th 2015 as the opening item of the Profile 36 concert featuring the music of David Catherwood . As well as the inclusion of the hymn ‘How firm a foundation’ (St. Denio) as the second theme, the original music, comprising the Trio section of the march, was used as a Processional during the composer's daughter's Wedding ceremony earlier in 2015.

The band parts are scored for Soprano Cornet, 1st & 2nd Cornets Flugel Horn, 1st & 2nd Horns, Baritone, 1st, 2nd & Bass Trombone, Euphonium, Eb & Bb Basses and Percussion

Band sets (full set of band parts and score)  Print directly from your own computer by clicking below for instant download from sheet music plus (A performance of piece by the Greater New York Youth Band can also be heard here)

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2 Duets for Cornet and Euphonium (with piano accompaniment)

£3.60 ($4.99)
An American Folk Song  
This reflective arrangement of this classic American folk tune will have many uses as in addition to the original lyrics of 'Oh Shenandoah' many Christian writers have penned beautiful words to use in worship such as 'Mid alll the traffic. Published as a keyboard duet but the download includes parts in Bb for Cornet and Euphonium transposed and in the correct range along with piano accompaniment.

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£5.00 ($7.50)
Moved by Love 
This Duet based on an original tune by David Catherwood was written for and first performed by David Daws (Euphonium) and David Thomas (Cornet) in 2015 The download includes parts in Bb for Cornet and Euphonium and a piano accompaniment.

Listen/order Cornet and euphonium duet Moved by Love

Postlude on Ellers

£10.75 ($15.00)
The noble hymn tune 'Ellers' (How wonderful it is to walk with God) is here combined with distant evocative bugle calls - this plus a majestic 'last verse' provides a new arrangement that will provide a fitting end to any gathering and would be particularly fitting for Remembrance Services.

View Short Score

Short score only - the full band parts are scored as SA Festival Series (Sop, Solo, 1st & 2nd Cornets Flugel, Solo 1st & 2nd Horns, 1st & 2nd Baritone, 1st, 2nd & Bass Trombone, Euphonium, Eb & Bb Basses and Percussion)

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Keep the Home Fires Burning – Songs from World War One

£14.00 ($19.50)
Duration 5'30"
A selection of well-known songs to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of WW1 - Suitable for many of the events planned for 2018
Pack up your troubles, It’s a long way to Tipperary, Keep the home fires burning, Hush, here comes a whizzbang, Roses of Picardy and Oh what a lovely war make up this varied selection. Suitable as a stand alone concert item for band or combine with a choir or even present in the style of a ‘Music Hall’ sing-along!

The band parts are scored for Soprano Cornet, Solo/1st & 2nd Cornets Flugel Horn, 1st & 2nd Horns, Baritone, 1st, 2nd & Bass Trombone, Euphonium, Eb & Bb Basses and Percussion

Band sets (full set of band parts and score) £14.00  ($19-50) to print directly from your own computer by clicking below (Brass Band)

Keep the Home Fires Burning Brass Band

Also available for brass quintet (2 trumpets, horn in F, trombone and tuba) £9.00 ($12-50) to print directly from your own computer (For Brass Quintet version click below)

£9.00 ($12.50)

Keep the Home Fires Burning Brass Quintet

Also available for String Orchestra (Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello and Double Bass) £10-75 ($15.00) to print directly from your own computer (String Orchestra)

£10.75 ($15.00)

Keep the Home Fires Burning String Orchestra

Love Divine - Blaenwern

£10.75 ($15.00)
An arrangement of the majestic hymn tune of Blaenwern.  As a setting for Love Divine it is a popular choice at weddings and was voted as one of Britain's ten favourite hymns. 

This arrangement for brass band has a stirring introduction leading into the first verse, a reflective 2nd verse and a grand last verse. For congregational singing or as a stand alone piece for band. Ideal for wedding ceremonies (first performed at the wedding of Victoria Mills and Stuart Johnson in July 2017) it would also enhance any worship service. 
The arrangement will work with as few as 10 players (2 Bb cornets, Flugel, 1st and 2nd Horn, Baritone, 2 trombones, Euphonium and Bass. These are the instruments that appear on the score but parts are provided as follows for a full band. 
Eb Soprano, Solo Cornet, 1st Cornet, 2nd, Cornet, Flugel, Solo & 1st Horn, 2nd Horn, Baritone, 1st Trombone, 2nd Trombone, Bass Trombone, Euphonium, Eb Bass, Bb Bass, Percussion.

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Trombone Trio - The Elephant

£3.90 ($5.00)
Looking for a novelty trombone ensemble?
Looking for something to feature the bass trombone?

A new version of The Elephant (From Carnival of the Animals by C. Saint Saens arr. by David Catherwood) for Trombone trio (featuring Bass Trombone)

Score and parts for 2 tenor trombones and bass trombone soloist (tenor trombone parts included in both bass and treble clef) £3-50 ($5.00)

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Trombone Trio - Earl of Salisbury's Pavanne by William Byrd

£3.90 ($5.00)
Brass (or Saxophone) Trio - Earl of Salisbury's Pavanne by William Byrd
Written in 1612 this stately Pavane has interest in all parts which together weave a satisfying harmonic and contrapuntal texture.
The score is for Orchestral Trombone section (2 Tenor Trombones and Bass Trombone) but parts are also supplied for Horn in F, Horn or Saxophone in Eb, Baritones/Euphoniums/Trombones/Saxophones in Bb, Bass Tuba/Baritone Saxophone in Eb. 

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3 Trombone Trios - Both the Trios above plus Schubert's Sanctus all in one download for £7.00 ($9.50)

£7.00 ($9.50)

3 Trombone Trios  
Earl of Salisbury's Pavane by William Byrd
Sanctus by Schubert
The Elephant by Saint Saens

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Bliss - The songs of Philip Bliss

£7.20 ($10.00)
Following on from the successful 'From the Beginning…' books this is the second in an occasional series of pieces written for both the smaller experienced band and young bands seeking to stretch their players a little. 
Bliss features a selection of the American songwriter's well known songs in enjoyable and entertaining arrangements. Songs include Hold the fort, Meet me at the Fountain, Let the lower lights be burning, It is well, Wonderful words of life and Hallelujah 'tis done.

The scoring is as Unity Series (1st & 2nd Cornet, 1st & 2nd Horn, Baritone/Trombone, Euphonium, Eb & Bb Bass and Percussion)

To obtain or preview score and listen click below

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Cornet Solo - How Sweet the Sound
(based on the tune Amazing Grace)

A new cornet solo based around the well known tune Amazing Grace. Now published in the American Band Journal ABJ 328 and avaiable at this link 

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Michael Row

Triumph Series No. 1246 (£50) includes Michael, Row! (David Catherwood)
This arrangement of the traditional chous, 'Michael, row the boat ashore' (T.B. 285), is in a light swing style and also incorporates the tunes, 'Love lifted me' (T.B. 725) and 'Will uour anchor hold?' (T.B. 60).
Listen to Michael Row

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Cornet solo - When I Remember

This popular solo is published in the American Band Journal ABJ 173 and avaiable at the link below 

Listen to Cornet Solo 'When I Remember

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Some Other titles available below - not yet on website but may be ordered by emailing Opus 3 Music to have the music posted.
So We Lift Our Voices
For the first time this popular solo item is available with full brass band acccompaniment. Lyrical verses, a stirring chorus and a great finale make this the perfect way to feature your band's vocalist - or if you have a male voice group it will work equally well with more voices added. Score, vocal part plus full set of band parts £12-50

- As featured on the new NYSB UK Tour CD - United

A new cornet solo written for the New York staff band's tour of the
UK in May 2003.The solo was written for Gordon Ward of the NYSB (for whom David Catherwood also wrote the popular solo When I remember)

Written in a similar style to 'When I Remember' the new solo features several well known tunes combined with a fast virtuoso solo part - literally

This solo is now available and can be ordered by email.

O Lord, you're beautiful
A new arrangement of the popular contemporary worship song. (Similar in style to the already published "In his presence" and "There is a saviour".)

Euphonium solo - Dearest Name
An arrangement of the Scottish song "Annie Laurie" - written for Derrick Kane and recorded by him with the ISB on the CD Lyric variations.

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