Good Creative

From the Beginning... Book 1

(A graded series of Band/ensemble music)

Book 1 includes very easy but effective arrangements of:

As the sun goes down
Peace like a river
Kum ba Yah
Dare to be a Daniel
Sing Hosanna & more

Main features:

1) All parts use only notes of C scale plus F sharp and Bb

2) 2nd cornet part uses only 5 notes C-G (very occasionally A)

3) Can sound satisfying with as few as three or four players

4) Specially arranged to sound well with a small group or larger bands

5) Whilst designed primarily for learners, can be used effectively by established bands for
a) sight-reading
b)integrating new players and helping them gain confidence in larger groups

6) Excellent for worship, Sunday school, School assemblies, Concerts

Band pack at £9.95 includes full score and parts for:
1st Cornet Bb
2nd Cornet Bb
Horn in Eb
Baritone/Trombone/Euphonium Bb
Bass in Eb

Extra Parts available at 95p each (Books 1 and 2 only)
Melody part in C
Horn in F
Bass Clef Baritone/Trombone
Bass Clef Tuba