Good Creative

From the Beginning... Book 4

Easy classics for brass

Music by Elgar, Handel, Holst, Brahms and Beethoven in new easy arrangements for brass - the full contents is listed below - whilst each piece is complete in itself there is also the possibility of combining two or more to make effective longer concert items eg. Two contrasting pieces by Handel - Air & March, Classic English marches etc.,

Pomp and Circumstance march No. 4 by Elgar (One of Elgar's most famous tunes in an easy to play yet effective arrangement)

Air from Rinaldo by Handel
A memorable tune by Handel- could be used as a solo with band accompaniment

Ode to Joy by Beethoven
In an easy key for young players but one that can still be used to accompany singing-Joyful, joyful we adore Thee- if desired

March from Scipio
One of Handel's most well known marches- often heard as a regimental march during the 'Trooping of the Colours'

Soldier's march by Schumann
A favourite piano piece for young players here arranged for brass

Old English march by Holst
This tune appears in the public school hymn book along with the hymn 'Onward Christian soldiers' so may be used as an alternative tune to accompany this hymn or as a short brass item on it's own

St. Anthony chorale by Brahms
The tune on which Brahms bases his famous set of variations - the tune itself was possibly written by Haydn

Band pack at £9.95 includes full score and parts for:
1st Cornet Bb
2nd Cornet Bb
1st Horn in Eb
2nd Horn in Eb
Baritone/Trombone Bb
Euphonium Bb
Bass in Eb